Lighthouse Interior established in 2007 focuses on interior design projects for commercial or residential structures such as offices , restaurants, apartments and houses.
We commit ourselves to project completion on schedule and within the budget of our clients. We also pay special attention to the quality of our work and succeed in creating a comfortable environment in each project. In order to make sure that we help our clients realize their dream, we work within their wishes.
Among our prestigious projects are:
  1. PT. Karyadibya Mahardhika in Rungkut Industri Surabaya as an architectural and interior designer for 2,000 sqm office space, completion within 3 months.
  2. Dipo Lite at Jagalan Surabaya as an interior designer creating a unique concept for a lamp display store.
We provide a full range of interior design services including conceptual planning and design with strong emphasis on functionality, aesthetics, personal touch and attention to details.
“ We believe that our experiences before establishing Lighthouse Interior have been useful to support each project that we work on.“